What Is PLR?

To those of you arriving at this site and may be looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars, the term PLR probably sounds like something you would buy at the hardware store to clean the shower or possibly the new model from one of the big car manufacturers.

It is however an excellent way to find high quality content to pass on to your audience as you start life in an online marketing business.

After all, one of THE most difficult things for an online business, especially when starting out, is the need to keep producing top-level, useful, informative information for newsletters, eZines, videos, audios and blogs…just like this one.

Not only that. It is also a great way to make income for yourself by supplying the same high-quality content in the form of eBooks, Articles, Podcasts, Slide Presentations and Videos to the people that are looking to supply that content to the users. After all, they have to get it from somewhere, right?

When used well, Private Label Rights content is the information marketers lifline to success. When done poorly it may cost you time, money and your reputation.

PLR Content is available in the huge variety of “topic areas” or as they are referred to in the Internet Marketing fraternity, NICHES. We will come back to this word in other blogs but suffice it to say, the NICHE that you choose to be in is of the greatest importance to you. You could be looking at anything from Weight Loss to selling On-Line Products, Building Websites, Selling via a blog or through Social Media. You might like to try your hand at recipes and special food menus, how to build a shed, how to train a dog…honestly the list is ENDLESS.

5 Tips To Finding The Best PLR

  1. Was It Written By A Professional?
    Just like any other profession, writing is a skill and not everyone can do it well. Just as you would not trust some young guy on the street to remove your appendix, you cannot rely on any odd-bod to put together 800-1500 words of excellence on any given topic that you want them to write about. For a start, they need to know how to research the subject in hand and they need to be able to write fluently in the required language.
  2. WasThe Editor Also A Professional?
    Yes, you need to get it edited. Get someone that understands grammar, spelling, language phrasing to check it through. You may even want to look for someone that is experienced in writing sales copy to ‘beef it up’ a bit to help it sell whatever product or course you are selling. When a writer is working they can write greet words, but sometimes, for example, they will assume that the reader understands some of the basics of the subject they are writing about. The last thing that you want is for the reader to lose the thread of what they are reading and go find something else to read that they do understand. Because that means you lost the sale.
  3. Is It Different From What Everyone Else Has On Their Blog?
    There are a LOT of blogs out there and the last thing you need is to have someone reading your blog and telling themselves they have read all this before. Some producers of PLR put no restrictions on how many times a particular piece of PLR can be sold. With this in mind, we always recommend that, no matter how good the PLR seems, step one is to change it and make it yours by putting your personality into what you put on your blog…make sense?
    So the next question that springs to mind are, why buy PLR and not write it yourself in the first place. The answer is simple. The person who produces the original PLR has done a lot of the research for you. They have already written something important and professional so all you need to do is rewrite according to their framework. Maybe add a few images to the written word or change the voice on a podcast because Australians prefer to listen to another Aussie rather than an American.
  4. Is It Targeted Information?
    That is to say, if you sign up to buy PLR from a provider it is possible that they will provide a lot of PLR, but how much of it is in your NICHE. (There’s that word again). After all, there is no point in them supplying you with an article on Weight Loss if you are a Dog Trainer. I guess there is the-exercise-is-good-for-weight-loss link there but I am sure you get what I mean
  5. Look For A Provider With A Great Reputation
    If you deal with a PLR broker that sells really low priced PLR and can promise you tons of articles and information at a really low cost, there is a strong chance that it is not going to be the highest quality. For example, an unscrupulous supplier may be copying text from someone else’s website in breach of copyright, and selling it as their original work. You know who is going to get caught if that happens, don’t you? Most often the problem with the cheap stuff is simply poor language skills.

What I will tell you is that, if you can produce quality PLR, there is money to be made in them, there, hills. We will give you training in how you can add to your income by producing high-quality PLR of all kinds, how to market it and how to pocket the profits,

For now, feel free to comment on this blog and contact us at any time if you have a question or two.

To Your Future…and what it could become

Gordon J

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