Accelerate PLR

This web site is the next step in my online marketing business.

I say that here because I want to be able to add to this story as it develops not tell you I was an instant success and am now reclining on a beach in the Bahama’s.

As you travel through your journey of trying to create a business on the internet you will notice a prevalence of young up-and-coming people that all have the three-click-easy-push-a-button-do-this-without-any effort-easy-solution to your future. We will come back to the future shortly…in the future, you might say…but for the moment I am neither up-and-coming nor am I young.

I am old enough to remember at the age of 16, my school class was visited by a guy from the world’s biggest computer company of that day – IBM. He brought with him the World First Hard Disc… the next step in computer evolution from a time when computers were running on tape drives like something you would see in a 1960’s James Bond movie. It was about 35cms (about 15 inches) across…stood about the height of a mobile phone and locked into a drive the size of a one draw filing cabinet to make it work and carried a whole ONE MB of data.

In my history I can list acting (TV commercials and minor acting roles) Radio – both talk back and music (I have a good face for radio) and in-store spruiking for many and various products.

By the time the .com revolution started I was well into a career in Sports admin holding positions in various sports at a top level in both state and regional bodies and was certainly not thinking about learning all about this new stuff called the Internet…I was working too hard and… after all…it won’t last will it? I had a wife and two sons by then and they were young men starting their lives. Now of course I have a much wider family that includes the two boys who are both 40+, 7 Grandkids and (horror of horrors) my first Great Grandchild just turned 1. Like I said …not young.

About 2007 I decided I would like to try to work from home and started a web design business…yes, I had realised by then that it was going to last longer than I originally thought, and we have built a few sites over time specialising in WordPress. After a few years I was making a little money but not setting the world on fire, so I spent some of my hard-earned income trying to make a business on Amazon selling white label products. There is a one-word explanation for that venture. Disaster.

Suffice it to say that, like Facebook, Amazon knows how to make money. For every one person making a big income on Amazon there are thousands of others that are simply feeding the Amazon coffers.

I recently joined Partnership to Success with John Thornhill and it is looking like a breath of fresh air and VERY promising if I can just follow the instructions. (Not their fault if I cannot by the way). As time passes I hope to be able to grow this page into a history my journey, so please…drop back and say hi.

What I have learned so far is this.

If you are just starting to form the idea of an internet business as a source of income do NOT believe those that tell you there is a quick fix easy solution. Unlike in the year 2000 when no one was involved in the internet and there were really no rules, the modern internet is a minefield where you need the right guidance to get it right and the right contacts to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing marketplace.

In closing…lets come back to The Future. My future…your future they are all linked. Only one person can truly change or affect your future…. YOU!

No matter how good the information is that you have, how good the teaching is, it is only you that controls the effort you put in, the desire you have to succeed and the will you have to stay the course. I am hoping that by the time this page is completed I will be able to tell you better how this is done. But for now, why not come along on the journey with me and see if what I learn will help you? It promises to be one hell of a ride.

To Your Future…and all it could bring

Gordon J

P.S. If you would like me to recommend the one thing that I did to start on a road to success rather than floundering around wondering what to do next This Is It! All you have to do is attend the training and don’t forget to take notes.